The practical implementation of green building technology is the cornerstone of every project we participate in.

1. Green Building - Sustainable Design and Methods

Pacific Crest Builders is continuously developing new practical ways to incorporate the latest in Green Building and Design elements and construction methods.

  • Community Design - Urban Infill, restoring existing supply constrained lot
  • Energy Efficiency - Energy Star appliances and fixtures, tankless hot water heaters, improved insulation, tight duct, high efficiency furnace
  • Water Efficiency - drought tolerant landscape, low flush toilets
  • Resource Conservation - deconstruction of existing housing stock vs. demolition - recycle building materials- waste management program

Build It Green MemberPacific Crest Builders, Inc. applies the best materials and best methods to apply practical and affordable energy performance improvements.  While embracing the latest technology, Pacific Crest doesn't put technology in front of long term durability.  Durability and ease of maintenance are equally important components of a well built structure.

Pacific Crest Builders Inc. incorporates Old World craftsmanship with modern technology in renovation projects.  We like to refer to these projects as Green Restomods (Restoration meets Modernization) where they appear "period" in detail and style, but with interiors updated for modern lifestyles, better energy efficiency, and an enhanced quality of life. We use technology to our advantage in our design process and in our materials selections, while respecting the softer side... subtle design elements and details that make a house feel like a home. We focus on designing and building healthy homes that feel inviting and comfortable.

Our homes are designed in direct response to our clients' personal design needs, aesthetic tastes and building budgets.  It's our belief, and the belief of our many customers, that combining sustainable design with high tech materials and methods is the recipe for a very smart home.

The Extreme Green Makeover - Energy and Building Performance Upgrade Opportunities

2. Principals of Green Retrofitting

Roof InsulationPacific Crest Builders takes a whole house approach to creating high-performance green buildings that cost less to operate and have fewer environmental impacts.  With California having some of the highest energy costs in the nation and energy costs increasing every year, the economics of home remodeling for energy efficiency in addition to aesthetics and usable space is not in question.   A growing number of people are striving to make their homes more energy-efficient, and it's no wonder: Conserving energy saves homeowners money on gas and electric bills and contributes to a healthy environment. It can also make a home more comfortable.

There are many things anyone can do to save energy in a home. What most of us want to do is spend our money wisely so that we get the most "bang for our buck," both for our wallets and for decreasing the impacts on our environment.

Pacific Crest Builders can help you to be part of the solution. 

Basic Building Envelope Fundamentals

We are strong advocates that you should put your "green money" into building the best building envelope, paying close attention to the energy efficiency of the wall and ceiling systems, the type of insulation, the quality of windows and doors as well as the orientation of the home and landscaping to minimize heat gain from the sun.  The exterior wall assembly is the first line of defense. 

Many California homes waste 30 to 35 percent of their energy costs due to air leaks. Exterior flashing and weatherproofing details are critical to a buildings success both for keeping the elements out and the energy in.   Good levels of insulation with minimal thermal bridges reduce infiltration.  Today's window products bring high performance and increase the air tightness of the exterior envelope creating a significant impact in energy use reduction.

Major Equipment and Systems

When the building envelope is constructed correctly, the HVAC System can now be designed appropriately with less need for energy as the building envelope is improved. Ceiling fans, tight ducts, high efficiency variable speed furnaces, all help a home stay comfortable with less energy.   Tankless hot water heaters, short hot water runs, sealed gas fireplaces and whole house fans can all reduce energy usage, and utilize the energy efficiently.

Renewable Energy Sources

The final component is renewable energy sources.  Once you have established the appropriate equipment and methods to meet the homes energy needs, and have reduced energy use, while at the same time maintaining a comfortable home, then renewable energy sources like photovoltaic systems to meet the optimized energy load of the house start to make sense.

Home Energy Auditing and Performance Testing

Pacific Crest Builders has the ability to identify and assess quantitatively where your house is not performing from an energy efficiency standpoint.  Home energy auditing is a process whereby Pacific Crest Builders, Inc. will inspect the energy consumption and efficiency of a home.

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Green Building Construction

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